Festival Burning Man tento rok oslavoval svoje 36. výročie s témou „I, robot“. Každoročne tento extravagantný festival, ktorý sa odohráva na púšti, šokuje svojimi umeleckými výtvormi a najmä outfitmi, z ktorých sme pre teba vybrali tie najzaujímavejšie.

Sculpture by Adrian Landon 🀄️

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9 days in the dusty desert ✨ my 3rd burn was nothing less than amazing. shared beautiful sunrises with my best friends, spun fire in front of thousands of people, danced every night to the best music, dressed up in costumes all week, adventured around and cried at the most beautiful moments, made connections, laughed the hardest i’ve ever laughed in my entire laugh and had a lot of time to reflect on what truly matters in life. friends, family, self love, compassion & giving a helping hand to those who need it. this has been a serious LEARNING (burning) man😸 radical self-reliance • radical self-expression • radical self-inclusion • gifting • participation • leaving no trace • communal effort. i’ve learned many valuable life lessons here at burning man that i’ll forever remember in the real world. there is no place like home )’( 🖤 • I SURVIVED BURNING MAN 2018 🌗✨💃🙏 #burningman #industwetrust #blackrockcity #burningman2018 #desertvibes #deepplaya #dollskill

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Burning Man 2018, one of the most amazing experience of my life. Words can not describe it. I've grown so much within a small week and made so many beautiful heartfelt connections. I was able to run around as a fox (until my fox ears got lost to the Playa) so then I transformed into a wolf for the rest of the time. I wish I got more photos but I was so in the moment I didn't have time. I just want to share how heartfelt the whole experience was to me with you and how much everyone support on here means to me. I can't believe I get to do what I do and I love all of you and my job so much. I just want to gush forever about it all. I could see myself feeling very sad right now, but I'm just so happy the moment came and I was able to experience it all and now I have wasteland to look forward too. Thanks for everything. #burningman #burningman2018 #wolfgirl #playa

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Unicorn helmswoman #burningman2018 #burningman #pyrotex

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The place where no money needed, no ppl craving for power, no rules, no hate, no jealousy but love and caring for each other and our habitat. I wish our world was more like BM. All the people trying their best just for you to have a great time and enjoy life. True magic! Место, где не нужны деньги, где нет людей жаждущих власти, нет правил, ненависти, зависти! Есть только люди, которые заботятся о тебе и о нашей среде обитания. Как бы я хотела, чтоб реальный мир был таким же как БМ! Все стараются здесь помочь окружающим наслаждаться каждым моментом и ценить жизнь. Настоящее волшебство! #burningman2018 #burningman #magicalplace

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