100 dní sta­rost­livo po­čú­vala a po­zo­ro­vala svo­jich pria­te­ľov. Vzniklo z toho toto.

Amanda Ole­an­der je ta­len­to­va­nou ma­liar­kou z Los An­ge­les. Jej kresby žnú u ľudí ob­rov­ský úspech, čomu sa sa­moz­rejme ne­ču­du­jeme – tria­fajú to­tiž do presne čier­neho. Amanda sa ne­dávno roz­hodla pre „100-dňovú vý­zvu“. Po dobu 100 dní uve­rej­ňo­vala ob­rázky, ktoré ab­so­lútne trefne zo­bra­zo­vali všedné si­tu­ácie zo ži­vota jej pria­te­ľov, alebo si­tu­ácie, ktoré za­žila ona sama. 

Te­raz si mô­žete po­zrieť, ako sa jej to po­da­rilo. My si mys­líme, že do­ko­nale – v koľ­kých ob­ráz­koch ste sa na­šli vy?

Keď vám láska do­bíja ba­terky…

…rov­nako, ako hudba

Dra­wing 84/100 Of the dra­wing a day for 100 days chal­lenge. When the beat drops and ta­kes you to anot­her place. /// This is ins­pi­red by the song : I get over­whel­med By: @dark_ro­oms . /// Side note- I wan­ted to add­ress the last dra­wing that en­ded up be­ing con­tro­ver­sial. I de­le­ted many of the sick com­ments. That il­lu­stra­tion came from such a pure place. It was sim­ply the fe­e­ling of be­ing re­char­ged af­ter a night of cudd­ling with my par­tner. I got com­ments about how dif­fe­rent ra­ces should­n't mix, how why is­n't it a gay couple, about how the man ta­kes all of the energy. etc etc It came from love, wit­hout any in­ten­tion except that. I be­lieve that love goes be­y­ond skin, race, or gen­der. Wha­te­ver you in­ter­pret about an art piece always says more about the vie­wer than the ar­tist. We see the world the way we do be­cause of our own in­di­vi­dual expe­rience, not as it is. // Thank you for sha­ring my art and pas­sion with the world, the last il­lu­stra­tion was vie­wed over 1.5 mil­lion ti­mes in 24 hours. Thank you, 🙏🏼✌🏼❤️ ///Link in bio for prints and ori­gi­nals ///

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My vieme, že to tiež ro­bíte

Niet nad žen­ské pria­teľ­stvá

Ten po­cit, keď na sebe už máte tonu vzo­riek make-upu, no stále sa ne­viete roz­hod­núť, ktorý pro­dukt si vziať…

Dra­wing 87/100 of the dra­wing a day for 100 days chal­lenge. This is when you go into @sep­hora and take it just a little too far. /// To­day I went into #sep­hora to just get a couple things and of course got suc­ked into try­ing new ma­keup and then when I lo­oked into the mir­ror I lo­oked like a clown 🤡 The bright red @tar­te­cos­me­tics lips­tick was smudge free so it was ex­tre­mely hard to take off even with the pro­vi­ded ma­keup re­mo­ver. 😂 I felt like a little kid again when my best friend @pk­pi­casso and I would take her mo­m's ma­keup and go all out for hours. 😅 // I'm pos­ting the time-lapse pro­cess of this dra­wing on my Ins­ta­gram Story now. 💄💄 . . 📱Link in bio for prints and ori­gi­nals 📬

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Ne­za­bú­dajme na veci, ktoré nás ro­bia šťast­nými


Na deň, kedy si náj­dete prvý še­divý vlas, ni­kdy ne­za­bud­nete…

Dra­wing 56/100 of the dra­wing a day for 100 days chal­lenge. When you see a white hair and it re­minds you how old you­'re get­ting and all of the things you wan­ted to have ac­com­plis­hed by this age. So you get your par­tner to come help cut them out or you pull them out your­self be­cause.. who ne­eds that rude re­min­der? ✂️✂️✂️– So af­ter this post I've been get­ting mes­sa­ges about how I should be proud of what I have achie­ved at this age, and that I'm not that old..etc. I know I'm not that old, thir­ties are great years and I'm lo­oking for­ward to them. And I am re­ally happy about how far I am in my ca­reer, but as a wo­men who wants mul­tiple kids and wants to tour the world and pub­lish bo­oks and work an a ton of pro­jects it gets a little messy at this age since the ol­der I get the clo­ser I am to my in­ter­nal tic­king clock of ha­ving chil­dren. I'm not re­ady for them but I do want them in the fu­ture and be­fore them the­re's a lot I want to do, many pla­ces I want to go and things I want to ac­com­plish. My mom got mar­ried at 23 and had me at 24. She always gave me this piece of ad­vice: "Do what you love be­fore you have kids, tra­vel, spend alone time with your par­tner do­n't rush into it." I take that ad­vice to he­art and have fol­lo­wed it but I think it's nor­mal to feel that pre­ssure when I am re­min­ded of my age. ✨

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Ob­ja­tie je jed­ným z najk­raj­ších da­rov, ktoré mô­žete dať

„Idem len po chlieb, ne­pot­re­bu­jem ko­šík.“

Po­cit, ktorý muži ni­kdy ne­po­cho­pia

…a po­cit, ktorý ženy ni­kdy ne­po­cho­pia

Ne­ne­chajte to dieťa vo vás zo­mrieť

Dra­wing 88/100 of the dra­wing a day for 100 days chal­lenge. When you re­ally feel like your job is suc­king the life out of you, but you feel stuck be­cause it's how you make mo­ney so you try to fill that void with your fa­vo­rite child­hood tre­ats. /// This is ins­pi­red by a phone call I had this mor­ning. I spoke to so­me­one very close to me that is not in a job she got her de­gree in and she re­ally do­es­n't like it. To any­one that is go­ing th­rough that I want to just say, this is tem­po­rary. You are­n't stuck. Your fu­ture de­pends on the ac­ti­ons you take to­day. You are in con­trol of your life, do­n't ever for­get that. –I've been there, right af­ter gra­du­ation and com­ple­ting a 3 month in­terns­hip in LA I was wor­king th­ree jobs, (ma­na­ging an Ita­lian bou­ti­que, can­vas­sing for @gre­en­pe­ace and sel­ling per­fume at @ma­cys on the we­e­kend.) I always knew this was tem­po­rary.. every night I would send out my re­sume and apply apply apply. I kept wor­king on my art. In one year I be­came a full time ar­tist! You have to be­lieve it will hap­pen, en­vi­sion your­self in your ideal job and it will ma­ni­fest as long as you put the work in. A couple bo­oks that re­ally hel­ped with get­ting my mind­set right were The Sec­ret and The Se­ven Mi­nute So­lu­tion. I hope they help you too. –(Shout out to @sk­do­nutsla for gif­ting me with 6 de­li­ci­ous do­nuts one time when I was in bet­ween jobs that was such a high­light to my week. )– I would like to know how you over­came le­a­ving a shitty job and how it has chan­ged your life?! Your story can ins­pire the per­son that ne­eds it. 💕❤️– put­ting the time lapse of this dra­wing on my story now. . 📱Link in bio for prints and ori­gi­nals 📬

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