Klo­búky sú ob­ľú­be­ným je­sen­ným do­pl­n­kom. Po­sled­ných pár se­zón pat­ria k štý­lo­vej bodke, ktorá do­ladí celý out­fit. A tých sa s nimi dá vy­mys­lieť na­ozaj mnoho.

Naj­lep­šie je, že nech máš na sebe ako­koľ­vek jed­no­du­chý out­fit, klo­búk mu dodá ten správny šmrnc a hneď vy­ze­ráš štý­lo­vej­šie. Ak hľa­dáš ne­jakú in­špi­rá­ciu, po­zri sa na na­sle­du­júce lo­oky, ktoré ťa na­la­dia na tu správnu je­sennú vlnu.

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Okay, two exci­ting things to share to­day. First, I le­ave for va­ca­tion in 2 days!! OMG, it’s re­ally here. I just re­a­li­zed I don’t think I’ve sha­red where we are go­ing. Here are a few hints: 1️⃣ We wan­ted to go there for our ho­ne­y­moon last Oc­to­ber but it was go­ing to be rainy se­a­son. 2️⃣ We’ll be able to do an equal amount of be­a­ching and ex­plo­ring. 3️⃣ We will be on a plane for 18 hours.😱 Let me know your gu­es­ses in the com­ments! I’ll share where it is on my sto­ries to­mor­row. /// Exci­ting thing num­ber two, I found a pair of pe­tite je­ans that re­qu­ired no hem­ming or cuf­fing and they are the sof­test je­ans ever!! Thank you @pac­sun 🙌 They also come in re­gu­lar and long and are un­der $60. They are de­fi­ni­tely my new go-to black pair. #PS­girls #PAC­de­nim #par­tner http://li­ketk.it/2x36m #li­ket­kit @li­ke­tok­now.it • • #LT­Kun­der100 #LT­Kun­der50 #LTKs­ho­ec­rush #pe­ti­te­fas­hion #pe­ti­tes­tyle #pe­ti­teb­log­ger #ame­ri­cans­tyle #ame­ri­can­fas­hion #falls­tyle #fall­fas­hion #fall­trends #fall­hat #wo­ol­hat

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Poor ligh­ting pic but don’t care be­cause I love this little nug­get & his long legs!🖤 Y’all I cant even be­lieve how big Toby is… he’s only 10 wks old!! 🙈 Ma­king me so sad and wan­ting time to slo­oow down. I’m try­ing to tho­roughly en­joy this puppy phase as much as po­ssible (even when he’s che­wing all of my #NSale shoes…) // My out­fit is head to toe on sale! And all of my fa­ves 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Make sure to snag be­fore they sell out! Check my sto­ries for what’s cur­ren­tly in stock, too!😘 I’ll share upda­tes eve­ry­day with you girls! Shop this look in the @li­ke­tok­now.it app or link in bio 🐶🌟 http://li­ketk.it/2wFct @li­ke­tok­now.it #li­ket­kit #NSale2018 #Nord­stro­mAn­ni­ver­sa­ry­Sale #LT­Kun­der50 #Gol­den­Ret­rie­ver­Puppy

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