Pre­ze­ráš si svoj ins­ta­gram a sle­du­ješ fo­to­gra­fie do­ko­na­lých po­stáv vy­pra­co­va­ných žien. Pý­taš sa sa­mej seba ako je možné, že aj keď sa sna­žíš, cvi­číš a dobre sa stra­vu­ješ, pri po­hľade do zrkadla ne­vi­díš, to, čo majú ony.

Mi­ni­mum tuku, vy­ry­so­vané svaly a za­gu­ľa­tený za­dok. Úzky pás a krásna póza. No to, čo vi­díš na fot­kách vô­bec ne­musí byť sku­točné a často je to len o správne zvo­le­nom na­svie­tení, po­sta­vení a po­riad­nom za­ťatí sva­lov. Takže ne­zú­faj! Hlavu hore a rad­šej si po­zri na­sle­du­júce fotky, ktoré ťa pre­sved­čia o tom, že všetci sme len ľu­dia a do­ko­na­losť ne­exis­tuje.

My name is Ash­le­igh and ta­king real pho­tos is awk­ward. 😂 . . But se­ri­ously, this body, it has grown th­ree he­althy ama­zing ba­bies, in the past 10 years it has been 30lbs he­a­vier and 30lbs ligh­ter. Some days I feel lean and strong, and some days my cur­ves and rolls win. I can also in­ten­ti­onally look about 5 months preg­nant, be­cause muscle me­mory pe­eps. It may also be the do­nuts I hap­pily ate to­day (yay Pau­l's!l) The po­int is, I am the same per­son in every pic­ture, even when that little vo­ice in my head says dif­fe­ren­tly. You, you are­n't de­fi­ned by your phy­si­cal traits, you are the Light be­hind your Eyes, you are that be­au­ti­ful be­a­ting he­art, you are a SOUL, not just skin. #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #yo­ga­body #my­body #bi­ki­ni­body #shape #wo­mens­fit­ness #na­mas­te­fit #na­mas­te­fit­life #igy­oga #ig­fit­ness #yo­ga­jour­ney #fit­ness­jour­ney #trans­for­ma­tion #phy­si­que #fit­mom #yo­ga­mom #ins­ta­good #go­od­vi­be­sonly #be­y­ou­ti­ful

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Har hatt ein ope­ras­jon for 2 veke sio å har der­for hatt 2 veke me styr­kefri, må vell ha 3-4 veke te på øvek­rop­pen vert­fall..trente bein for­sik­tig i dag då 😄💪 Satt å såg gjen­nom nåken bilde i dag å sk­jønte ikkje kof­for eg ikkje va for­nødd me krop­pen min for 2 mnd sio når eg hadde syn­lige ma­ge­rute og va nede på 61 kg.. men så kom eg på at dei bildo eg har tatt då e jo såk­lart ikkje virk­lig­het.. alt handle om pump, lys, ma­tinn­tak den da­gen, koss du står, koss du har kledno.. her e min "one mi­nute trans­for­ma­tion" i dag 🙈🙈 eg dør egen­tli av å legga da ut og.. ja altså da e jo såk­lart te høgre så e sann­he­ten. men da e så vik­tig at folk fors­tår at bilde så ofta lyge.. eg glømme da ofta sjøl å blir så for­banna for at eg al­dri greie å komma i så bra form så den og den. Blir jo te og me lurt av mine egne bilde 😂 men ser jo eg har mista skul­drene og lagt ein del på meg då. Men gi meg nåken mnd så satse eg på at for­men i da minsta e bedre 😋 #fake #real #ou­tofs­hape #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #he­avy #2we­ek­soff 😱💪🙈

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Ea­ting di­sor­der. ED. Ob­ses­sion with Ca­lo­ries. Bu­li­mia ner­vosa with food and exces­sive exer­ci­sing. It was a part of me for years. It was the need to con­trol, the need to look and be so­met­hing I saw in the me­dia. Gu­ess what, what we see in the me­dia/mar­ke­ting world is FAKE. I am be­y­ond exci­ted about the mo­ve­ment to show our true sel­ves, wit­hout the po­sing and photo shop. I am ma­king a con­sci­ous ef­fort to show the proud and po­sed mo­ments along with the real life, eve­ry­day mo­ments. 🔹🔹🔹Big thank you to @strong­mom­soft­he­diet­doc for sho­wing me how to con­trol food in a he­althy way! #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion

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One mi­nute trans­for­ma­tion!! ✨ins­ta­gram vs re­a­lity✨ So­me­ti­mes you just see the high­light reel and ho­nestly I love that about Ins­ta­gram. Eve­ryt­hing is so pre­tty. But so­me­ti­mes you have to be real. I fol­low a lot of fit­ness mo­dels and am cons­tan­tly in awe of the hard work they put in. I de­fi­ni­tely think some re­cog­ni­tion is de­ser­ved. But I pro­mise it’s not all abs and flat sto­mach all the time. When you look th­rough your feed think about the po­sing, ligh­ting, fle­xing, edi­ting, an­gles… I could go on. So don’t feel so bad- Just work hard, eat your veg­gies, drink your wa­ter, and trust the pro­cess. You got this. #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #ins­ta­gramvs­re­a­lity

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Omg two po­sts in one day from me… that’s like un­he­ard of 😂😂💕 I NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU and make my­self vul­ne­rable to all of you 😊 The po­wer of a pic­ture.. the left is me… and the right is me… not­hing’s dif­fe­rent be­si­des how I’m sit­ting and the clock mo­ved for­ward about 1 mi­nute 😂 – I’m pos­ting this be­cause I was about to make an Ins­ta­gram story of me tal­king and I im­me­dia­tely de­le­ted it be­cause of how my sto­mach lo­oked 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ then thought… I said I was go­ing to be real from here on out. No bulls­hit, no excu­ses, no fake ness, just all me up in your face be­ing my su­per ex­tra an­no­y­ing self 😇😘 – So here I am guys. I don’t sit like that pic­ture on the right 😂 ho­nestly I can’t bre­athe and it hurts my back ha­haha do I like how I look bet­ter in the pic­ture on the right, OF COURSE I DO!!! But Ins­ta­gram has ru­ined pe­ople, it’s ru­ined me at one po­int in my life… and it can be such a po­si­tive thing if we let it! – Of course we like pic­tu­res we look our best in, and I’ll pro­bably con­ti­nue to post pic­tu­res like the one on the right but don’t for­get pe­ople are real be­hind these sc­re­ens. They don’t walk around hol­ding their bre­athe till they pass out try­ing to look like this – So re­lax and bre­athe! guys I’m he­althy, I wor­kout eve­ry­day, and I eat he­althy nut­ri­ti­ous food 90% of the time!!!! Who ca­res if when you sit you have a little ex­tra in your sto­mach when you’re slou­ched over like that😂 that’s where you store your ice cream! – I have too many girls talk to me about ea­ting di­sor­ders and I was one of those girls once too!! no more of that 😩😩😩 it hurts my he­art and now I just wanna help. Stay strong and be­au­ti­ful and most im­por­tan­tly HE­ALTHY!!! – #he­althy #he­alth­co­ach #on­li­net­rai­ner #eat­he­althy #over­co­me­fe­a­rof­food #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #trans­for­ma­ti­on­tu­es­day #trans­for­ma­tion #be­you #fe­el­be­au­ti­ful #your­be­a­ti­ful #on­li­ne­co­ach #fitspo #per­so­nal­trai­ner #mac­ros #ins­pire #bu­ac­ti­ve­wear #jes­si­ca­hen­ry­fit­ness #fitspo #work­hard #lo­ve­y­our­self

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On the left: prob would have th­rown my back out if I sta­yed in the po­si­tion too long On the right: just chil­lin' I think these pic­tu­res are im­por­tant be­cause we are flo­oded with pics that look more like me on the left & we do­n't usu­ally see pe­ople just be­ing pe­ople (like on the right). The hu­man body is a be­au­ti­ful won­drous thing. Can we ce­leb­rate us in all forms? Can we ce­leb­rate us as we move th­rough life- do­ing dis­hes, chan­ging clot­hes, wal­king, cle­a­ning, and go­ofing around just as much as we ce­leb­rate the "gla­mo­rous"- the dres­sing up, stri­king a pose, and ta­king a sexy pic? I find so much be­auty in pe­ople in the or­di­nary mo­ments of life… wat­ching them when they are­n't aware of what they look like. When they are in con­ver­sa­tion, re­a­ding a book, so­aking up the sun…snif­fing the flo­wers… or deep in thought.. Le­t's ce­leb­rate life in all forms 🌻🌻🌻 . . . #si­de­by­side #si­de­by­si­de­trans­for­ma­tion #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #lo­ve­y­our­body #be­au­ty­co­me­si­nall­si­zes #cur­ve­mo­del #curvy #bo­dy­po­si­tive #bopo #self­love #re­min­der #re­al­talk #he­alt­hy­ist­he­ne­ws­kinny #my­body #fitspo #ig­daily #pose #stri­ke­a­pose #na­tu­ral #sexy #cel­lu­lite #cel­lu­LIT #thic­kt­highs­sa­ve­li­ves #he­althy #sel­fes­teem #ho­nest­to­god­dess #mo­del #wri­ter #ins­pire

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PO­SED VS NOT PO­SED ➡️SWIPE!! —————————————————————————— girls! I feel like do­ing my v first self-love post to­day! I caught my­self the last past days by com­pa­ring my­self to ot­hers on ins­ta­gram and it ho­nestly made me feel not be­ing good enough. The mo­ment I re­a­li­zed its hap­pe­ning to me (again) I was like OK GIRL STOP IT !!! YOU ARE good enough! YOU ARE be­au­ti­ful!! … I know that this hap­pens to most girls here on ins­ta­gram so I wanna share some thoughts with u guys. I wanna re­mind you how dif­fe­rent an­gles, light­ning and fil­ter can make us look so dif­fe­rent. Be­cause ho­nestly – my bum do­esn’t always look that big from the side as in the left photo. That’s why it is so silly to com­pare your­self to the pe­ople you see on ins­ta­gram. I read a good qu­ote yes­ter­day sa­y­ing „why would you want to be pre­tty like her, when you can be pre­tty like you?“ and omg that’s SO TRUE! Stop com­pare your­self to ot­hers and start lo­ving your­self !!! Ple­ase don’t for­get that ins­ta­gram shows just a tiny bit of so­me­one’s life and that 99% of the pho­tos are po­sed and cho­sen by where they look best and their body lo­oks best! I don’t wanna make this down, that’s ab­so­lu­tely nor­mal and that’s what I’m do­ing in my post as well, eve­ry­one is do­ing it isn’t it? But so­me­ti­mes it’s so im­por­tant to show u guys that we don’t look like this ALL THE TIME and that we have bad an­gels as well!!! ❤️❤️❤️————————————————————————–#self­love #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #ins­ta­gram­re­a­lity #po­sedv­sun­po­sed #me­al­some #he­alth #fit­ness #fit #trans­for­ma­tion #fit­ness­mo­del #fit­nes­sad­dict #fitspo #wor­kout #bo­dy­bu­il­ding #bo­oty­trans­for­ma­tion #gym #train #trai­ning #pho­to­oft­he­day #he­althy #he­alt­hy­cho­ices #ac­tive #strong #mo­ti­va­tion #li­fes­tyle #diet #get­fit #cle­a­ne­a­ting #eatc­lean #exer­cise

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An­gles aren’t just for geometry!! 🤓 • Just here to say I don’t have ob­li­que li­nes or a glute pump 24/7 & I think it’s RE­ALLY im­por­tant for you to know that. So­cial me­dia has im­pac­ted my life & my bu­si­ness in SO many be­au­ti­ful & po­wer­ful ways! But there is a de­fi­nite dark side of “com­pa­ri­so­ni­tis” that pro­vo­kes you to tell the ug­liest lies to your­self. • “What you are to be, you are now be­co­ming.” NOW. Not to­mor­row, or “so­me­day”, or when you “get your crap to­get­her”. So let me ask you — do you think you’ll re­ach your goal of be­co­ming he­althy, fit, suc­cess­ful, more lo­ving, etc. if you’re not ac­ti­vely spe­a­king truth into your life???? • All these things you de­sire to be? They are a di­rect re­sult of what you tell your­self every sin­gle mo­ment of this in­sa­nely be­au­ti­ful day God set in front of you. So what will you cho­ose to­day? Will you cho­ose to com­pare your­self to an­gled, po­sed pho­tos on so­cial me­dia? Or will you cho­ose to fo­cus on app­re­cia­ting exactly where you are, while be­co­ming exactly who you want to be? 💭 • • • #fe­e­ding­my­soul #int­he­ma­king #trans­for­ma­ti­onp­hoto #bloat #be­att­heb­loat #ins­ta­gramvs­re­a­lity #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #be­gin­ner­fit­ness #on­li­ne­fit­ness­co­ach #cal­lin­gout­mybs #em­bra­ce­y­our­real #cha­singf­re­e­dom #com­pa­ri­so­ni­tis #com­pa­ri­so­nist­het­hie­fof­joy #be­jo­y­fu­la­lways #bun­high­jo­y­hig­her #mo­ti­va­ted­to­suc­ceed #in­flu­en­ce­ra­ca­demy #re­la­xedvsf­le­xed #cho­ose­change #re­sol­ve­to­evolve #trus­ting­godsp­lan #je­sus­li­ves #be­a­tin­gan­xiety

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Trans­for­ma­tion!! NA­HHH… Just kid­ding, these 2 pic­tu­res were ta­ken both just now. So it's a 1mi­nute trans­for­ma­tion 😊 We live in a world were the in­ter­net shows us a very spe­ci­fic body type which we call per­fec­tion, thiny waist, a big bum, bo­obs and some abs…. RE­A­LITY CHECK for the ma­jo­rity of us it's im­pos­sible to live in this con­di­tion all year round, we all know that us wo­men suf­fer cons­tan­tly from blo­at­ness and wa­ter re­ten­tion due to mont­hly is­sues 👎, I eat he­althy most of the time and train when i can but still suf­fer from these is­sues, dont be upset if you have a bad day and binge or just feel blo­ated. This post is to show you that the in­ter­net only shows us what it wants you to see 😊 With some po­sing I got a de­cent body in a mi­nute 😂 i know im not in the best con­di­tion I've ever been but what the hell I'm li­ving a life im com­for­table in. I've le­arnt to love my body no mat­ter what. Res­pect it and it will res­pect you ❤ SO JUST BE HAPPY WITH THE BLES­SING WE CALL OUR LIFE 🦄 #one­mi­nu­te­trans­for­ma­tion #lo­ve­y­our­body #Per­fec­ti­on­Do­es­No­tE­xist #bles­sing #lo­ve­life #li­ve­lo­ve­lift #ab­sa­re­ma­de­int­he­kit­chen #trans­for­ma­tion #blo­at­ness #wa­ter­re­ten­tion #wo­menp­rob­lems #fluf­fy­se­a­son #mo­ti­va­tion #re­a­li­ty­check #mo­ti­va­ti­on­post #re­a­lity #po­si­ti­vity #po­si­ti­ve­vi­bes #ab­sor­no­abs #he­althy #fit #fast #sta­mina #fat #sexy #cur­ves #con­fi­dan­ce­fit­ness #con­fi­dance #xa­lo­xxi 🙆 #ImAU­ni­corn 🦄🦄😁

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yooo swipe for some bo­oty gains ➡️ – make sure to tag a friend & save🔰↗️ for la­ter. You’re go­ing to want to af­ter the pump you get ay­yye 😅🍑 ✨ 1️⃣Cable Kick­backs 2️⃣Cable Ham­s­tring curls 3️⃣Cable Pull Th­roughs *Leg rai­ses if u fe­e­lin ex­trrrra* ▪️15 reps each exer­cise ▪️4 rounds – I have been lo­ving glute cir­cu­its af­ter my leg days to re­ally fa­ti­gue the musc­les 💪🏼💤 let me know if you try it out! – Happy Sa­tur­day lo­ve­lies! I’ve got some cool give aways co­ming to you next week so STAY TU­NED 🤟🏼😜 – Off to the gym for me 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 Do you train on Sa­tur­days? 👇🏼 . #sa­tur­da­y­gym­sesh #qu­ick­le­gwor­kout #glu­teg­ro­wth #glu­te­wor­kout #glu­te­cir­cuit #bo­oty­gains #musc­le­fa­ti­gue #leg­day #cir­cu­it­work #hi­itt­rai­ning #bo­oty­work #30mi­nu­te­wor­kout #cab­le­on­ly­le­gwor­kout #ke­e­pin­git­real #lo­sin­gwe­ight #ins­ta­gramvs­re­a­lity #po­sedv­sun­po­sed

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Nem a +/- x kg-tól va­gyok bol­do­gabb vagy bol­dog­ta­la­nabb. Nem a +/- x kg ha­tá­roz meg en­gem, hogy mi­lyen sze­mé­ly­i­ség va­gyok, hogy ho­gyan lá­tom a vi­lá­got, hogy mi­lyen ér­té­ke­ket kép­vi­se­lek. ⠀⠀ Én az egész­ségre töreks­zem, és bár­men­ny­ire meg­lepő va­la­kik­nek, ebbe ne­mc­sak a jó la­bor, egyéb meg­fe­lelő vizs­gá­lati ered­mé­nyek, ha­nem a lelki egy­en­súly, a po­zi­tív ön­kép, az el­fo­ga­dás mind be­le­tar­to­zik. ⠀⠀ Az egész­ségre töreks­zem, a hét­köz­na­pok so­rán ma­gam­nak főzök, előkés­zí­tem az ét­ke­zé­se­i­met, de bár­mi­lyen ba­ráti/csa­ládi ese­mény fe­lül tudja írni, hogy ak­kor mit es­zem. Nem pá­ni­ko­lok egy csa­ládi ese­mé­ny­től előre, hogy ak­kor min­dent a szo­kott dol­gaim­hoz tu­dok-e iga­zí­tani. ⠀⠀ Nem! Szá­momra ez úgy egész­sé­ges élet­mód, hogy ÉN irá­ny­í­tok, ÉN ír­ha­tom fe­lül, hogy mi tör­tén­jen és mi nem, és ÉN ha­tá­ro­zom meg a körül­mé­ny­eket, nem a körül­mé­nyek en­gem! És láss cso­dát… más szem­lé­let­tel más­képp lá­tod ön­ma­gad és az utad ered­mé­ny­es­sé­gét is! 🧡 ⠀⠀ Mit csi­nál­tok a hosszú hét­vé­gén? Pi­hen­tek, ak­tív­kod­tok, stran­dol­tok? ☺️🙌🏼 Én szo­ká­som­hoz hí­ven min­den nap má­sik vá­rosba uta­zom, de most trans­z­por­tá­ló­dik a cuc­caim je­len­tős része is! ☺️❤️ To­vábbi szép hét­vé­gét Nek­tek!

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😍😍 @ja­e­at­leta ・・・ ✖️✖️Per­fectly Im­per­fect✖️✖️ This was de­fi­ni­tely not the photo I in­ten­ded to share. I re­a­lize Ins­ta­gram is mostly a high­light reel and we share our very best pho­tos but I want to be as real and trans­pa­rent as I can with all of you be­au­ties and show the 'im­per­fect' along with the high­lights. Guys, I've had 3 be­au­ti­ful ba­bies.. tha­t's 3 giant preg­nan­cies.. along with 3 chan­ces of stretch marks.. This body has been th­rough a whole lot of chan­ges! For that re­a­son I will ne­ver judge so­me­one else for their body. I do­n't know their story or what the­y­'ve been th­rough or the true strength that is wit­hin them. Im­per­fec­ti­ons make you real, app­ro­achable, hu­man and one of a kind ❤️ #per­fect­ly­im­per­fect #30se­cond­trans­for­ma­tion

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Love this post! 😍 #hu­ma­ni­mal #be­You #30se­cond­trans­for­ma­tion #all­bo­die­sa­re­go­od­bo­dies @Re­gran­ned from @cle­an­bo­dy­gu­ide – Tummy fat 🌿 I po­sted a si­mi­lar photo a few we­eks ago but I wan­ted to post a sit­ting down ver­sion! I know many pe­ople think that if you have a flat tummy stan­ding up, you­'ll have a flat tummy sit­ting down. But tha­t's not the case!! I always thought if I got fit and had abs I would ma­gi­cally always have abs. But in re­a­lity that is­n't true at all. We all have tummy fat!! And tha­t's com­ple­tely fine! It do­es­n't make you "ugly" or "un­he­althy". This fat is vi­tal in pro­tec­ting our or­gans! You do­n't need to have a flat tummy 24/7 to be con­si­de­red "be­au­ti­ful", you are be­au­ti­ful in your own way and you do­n't need to ob­sess over so­met­hing like a flat tummy!! Be­cause at the end of the day ha­ving a flat tummy do­es­n't change you as a per­son. You are won­der­ful as you are now! 🌴☀️ Fol­low @cle­an­bo­dy­gu­ide for more fit­ness ins­pi­ra­tion! @sag­gy­sara | #cle­an­bo­dy­gu­ide

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Hip tilt, suck it in, pants up and ca­mel toe ✅✅✅. – Pe­ople say it ta­kes them a mi­nute or two to do this trans­for­ma­tion. But I’ve got a lil’ ex­tra in the trunk 😏. So it took me 10 mi­nu­tes and about 15 edits. – I don’t think my body on the right is “go­als” and I don’t think my body on the left is dis­gus­ting. This is me­rely to re­mind you that WE ALL have flat­te­ring an­gles and we all have mo­ments when we aren’t 100% #bo­dy­po­si­tive . – Be kind to your­self lo­ves 🌸❤️. . . . Fol­low @po­si­fi­xfit for more ad­vice and help­ful tips. . . . #ins­ta­gramvs­re­a­lity #30se­cond­trans­for­ma­tion #be­y­ou­ro­wn­fit­girl #be­y­ou­ro­wn­mo­ti­va­tion #be­y­ou­ti­ful #you­do­you #bo­po­war­rior #bopo #lo­vet­hes­ki­ny­ou­rein #te­am­ca­mel­toe #we­ight­loss­mo­ti­va­tion #we­ight­loss­go­als #lo­sin­gwe­ight­jour­ney #fat­loss

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Co­ming at you with your we­ekly dose of re­a­lity 🌈. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Un­dies up high, hips til­ted and eve­ryt­hing fle­xed (good thing you can’t see my flex face 👹). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don’t let sc­rol­ling th­rough insta be so­met­hing that ma­kes you feel shit about your­self . For re­als guys! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A two di­men­si­onal photo of so­me­one that has been ta­ken 16+ ti­mes, ca­re­fully cho­sen, ca­re­fully cho­re­og­rap­hed and po­ssibly edi­ted should not take a sin­gle damn thing away from the per­son YOU are. We are more than our bo­dies 👊🏼. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Be­lieve not­hing of what you hear and only half of what you see. We all have our hang ups but be kind to your­self little lady ❤️ you are enough! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag so­me­one that should read this. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fol­low @po­si­fi­xfit for more tips and ad­vice ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #30se­cond­trans­for­ma­tion #bo­oty­trans­for­ma­tion #fat­loss­tips #we­ight­loss­help #we­ight­los­sad­vice #we­ight­loss­prog­ram #fit­ness­help #fat­loss­mo­ti­va­tion #fat­loss­food #lo­sin­gwe­ight­na­tu­rally #tips­to­lo­se­we­ight #tips­to­lo­se­fat #lo­vet­hes­ki­ny­ou­rein #ins­ta­trans­for­ma­tion #be­fo­re­an­daf­ter­we­ight­loss #thigh­game #bo­dy­posi #bo­dy­po­si­ti­ve­fit­ness #fitspo_be­auty #fit­fix #obe­se­to­be­ast #fat­to­fit­jour­ney #ins­ta­gramvs­re­al­life #ins­ta­gramvs­re­a­lity #be­au­ty­an­da­be­ast #thick­wo­men

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So­me­ti­mes it's not about your ac­tual body shape but how you PRE­SENT your­self! It can make a huge dif­fe­rence to how you look, but more im­por­tan­tly how you FEEL. Fol­low @cle­an­bo­dy­gu­ide for more fit­ness ins­pi­ra­tion! . . . : @im­re­ce­cen | #cle­an­bo­dy­gu­ide . . . . . #cle­a­ne­a­ting #he­alth #fit­ness #fit #fit­ness­mo­del #fit­nes­sad­dict #fitspo #wor­kout #bo­dy­bu­il­ding #car­dio #gym #train #trai­ning #he­althy #ins­ta­he­alth #he­alt­hy­cho­ices #ac­tive #mo­ti­va­tion #li­fes­tyle #diet #get­fit #cle­a­ne­a­ting #eatc­lean #exer­cise #trans­for­ma­tion #be­fo­re­an­daf­ter #abs #to­ned #lean #hi­it­wor­kout

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